We at Heart Research Wales would like to thank all our supporters for their kind words and offers of help during these challenging times. People with heart disease and their carers are at risk of contracting the Corona virus and we strongly advise you adhere to the Government’s social isolation and distancing advice ( Heart Research Wales committee members are currently involved with front-line NHS duties, but we remain committed to the work of the charity and are happy to help with enquiries and offer support where needed.


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Recently, one of our members organised a coffee morning to raise awareness and funds for Heart Research Wales. We would like to thank everyone who came along to support and contribute to the success of the morning in which we raised over £600!


We would also like to thank the local businesses that generously donated raffle prizes (Blu Hair Design, The Haven, The Glendale Hotel Penarth, Hand to Heal and Sweet Peony Penarth. 



There are many great fundraising ideas to consider, and whether it be a new twist on an old favourite like the bake sale, or an adventurous challenge you haven’t yet considered, we would like to support your fundraising journey for Heart Research Wales.

Here are two examples of previous fundraisers, and why they chose to support Heart Research Wales:



James captained the 'Killer Whales' swim from England to France and back to raise funds for Heart Research Wales

Why did I choose Heart Research Wales?


In 2013 I was Captain of a team who successfully swam the Channel, raising essential funds to advance research into Heart Disease.This year we are hoping to raise even more funds to fund research into heart disease and to support those in the community with the disease. As a GP I have worked for 25 years to prevent people dying from heart disease. In Wales I have witnessed far too many patients die too young and often in circumstances where their deaths could have been prevented.



Rob did an excellent job on Sunday 4 October when he competed in the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise money for Heart Research Wales . He completed the event in one hour and 47 minutes. 

Why did I choose Heart Research Wales?

I've chosen to run this half marathon on behalf of the Heart Research Wales. Through the donations that people like you and I make, this charity helps fund research into developing new treatments for those who suffer. In Wales, heart disease is the principal cause of death in both men and women and the incidence is one of the highest in the world. This needs to change.

Having always been a bit lazy and unfit when I was younger, in recent years I decided to try and change this. Now I'm finally getting around to do my first event! In a society where the incidence of heart disease is ever increasing and the amount of exercise we do is decreasing, I felt that doing something that  involved me getting healthier was quite fitting to do in support of a heart research charity in the land where I study!


We are very grateful for any donations and would be happy to discuss your fund raising activities. We are also happy to provide collection boxes, posters, tee-shirts, and/or any other items that you may need to help with your activities. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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