Since Heart Research Wales is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers we have minimal overheads. This means that the vast majority of our funds (>80%) can go directly to support our projects.


Our team consists of senior healthcare professionals with first hand knowledge of working in cardiothoracic units in Wales. They are therefore ideally suited to make informed decisions on the most valuable and worthy projects to support.

Meet The Team

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Dr Liam Penny

Founding Member

I am a Consultant Cardiologist and have been delighted to be involved with Heart Research Wales for more than 30 years.


During that time I have seen projects funded by the Charity not only help patients in Wales but indeed help patients worldwide. I am one of the Trustees of the Charity. As well as representing the Charity at various meetings, one of my responsibilities is to make sure that the money generously donated by members of the Public is spent wisely to support the aims of HRW. All applications to HRW for funding are rigorously scrutinised by a Panel of experts to ensure that the project is aligned with our core values and aims and that it is worth investing in. We work conscientiously to ensure that the donations to HRW are used wisely and donors can be assured that their contribution is being spent in Wales and will ultimately help patients with Heart Disease. 


professor zaheer yousef 


I am a Consultant Cardiologist at the University Hospital of Wales and an honorary Professor at Cardiff University. My experience of front-line work as a senior clinician in NHS Wales and research & teaching activities at Cardiff University give me unique insights into areas where Heart Research Wales can have the greatest impact.


My principal responsibility is to oversee the workings of the charity and to ensure that our overheads are kept to a minimum. We are proud of the fact that >80% of funds raised are made available to fund our projects.


I have also overseen the recent (and ongoing) rejuvenation of the charity with a change in the charity name (previously Heart Research Fund for Wales), an updated website and social media presence, and change in emphasis of the projects that we support; from a small number of large projects (e.g Welsh Familial Hyperlipaemia project) to a larger number of smaller projects (e.g training and upskilling existing workforce to deliver new treatments in Wales).


I am truly honoured to be given the opportunity to work for Heart Research Wales and am committed to ensuring that every penny raised is not only spent in Wales, but is also spent on the most valuable projects.

dr andrew wood


professor julian halcox

Scientific Director 

Dr Richard Anderson

Cardiology Representative

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Dr James wrench

Primary Care Representative

Dr dirk wilson

Representative for Young Persons with Heart Disease

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professor Saeed Ashraf

Surgical Representative 

zoya yousef

Social Media Marketer & Website Designer